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Meeting your helicopter requirements

Helicopter Services

Heli Ag offers a large range of helicopter services, from agricultural and horticultural spraying to fertiliser application, lifting, frost protection and more.  Check out our services below, and contact us for a no obligation chat.

Lifting services include:

  • Fencing supplies
  • Beehives
  • Farm gear
  • Water tanks
  • Monsoon Bucket
  • Timber
  • Precision longline
  • And more.

Spraying services:

  • Horticulture spraying
  • Thistle and Brushweed
  • Liquid fertiliser
  • Crop spraying
  • Purpose built mixing tank
  • TracMap GPS Online Mapping
  • Suppliers of agri-chemicals.

Fertiliser applications:

  • Purpose build fert elevator
  • Liquid fertiliser spreading
  • Solid fertiliser spreading.

    Frost protection:

    • Qualified and certified
    • VFR night rated 
    • Commercial Helicopter Licence as per CAA requirements.

    Fire fighting:

    • Helicopters prepared and ready for fire fighting
    • Bell Longranger drops 600 litres
    • Experienced in fighting all types of fires: scrub, forest and grass.